Music Production


What is Guitarsstate?

The 51st american state? State of the mind? Personally I prefer to think of it like a brand for state of the art royalty free music. My name’s Ventsi Lalev. I’m a production music composer, Envato Elite author and the founder of Guitarsstate Music Production. My audio has been licensed thousands of times. It is the choice of many successful film makers, advertising agencies, motion graphics designers and video editors. Scroll down to listen to some music examples or visit the “Royalty Free Music” page to preview tracks from my ‘audiojungle’ portfolio.


Business Presentation Music

Uplifting Corporate Motivational is uplifting and motivational track with guitar harmonics, smooth and inspirational piano chords, orchestral strings and confident beat. This track is suitable for corporate presentations, promotional videos, youtube, advertising and many more.

Cinematic Music

Intense Epic Trailer is epic, hybrid and intense music, designed especially for movie or game trailers. In this one you can hear orchestral strings, epic cinematic percussion, impacts and risers.

Funky Upbeat Tracks

Action Funk Beats is old school sounding funk track with cinematic, heist movie feeling like in Ocean’s Eleven, Snatch and many more. The track can be used as an opener, background for a film scene, in youtube videos, commercials.

Electro Swing

Electro Swing Party is upbeat, positive, electro swing track with vintage sound and fun, quirky retro vibes.

Urban Hip Hop

Big City Lights is energetic and rhythmic track with urban feel, that can fit very well in documentaries, commercials or corporate presentations. In this one you can hear soulful pianos, vintage strings lines and deep bass and groovy beats.


The Heavy is aggressive rock track with distorted guitar riffs, punchy drums and lots of energy. This track makes a great background for extreme sports videos, action scenes and other dynamic video projects.

Video Examples